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12 of the best free things to do in Murcia city

The city of Murcia in southeastern Spain, is somewhere that you don’t hear as much about compared to other larger Spanish cities, but if you’re looking for a beautiful city with a lot of history and culture you should definitely consider a visit.

We visited Murcia for the first time last year and loved it, we’ve been back again since and still have more things we want to see. There’s so many things to do in Murcia you could visit multiple times and not get bored.

When you have a family we know how expensive travelling can be, the entry prices to all the attractions start to add up and a day trip can quickly cost a fortune. If you have plans to visit Murcia on a budget, have a look at this list below of free things to do in Murcia. You’ll find plenty of suggestions of free activities whether you’re visiting Murcia with children, as a couple, or on your own.

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Explore the Cathedral

The Cathedral of Murcia, is a huge and very impressive building in the centre of the old town, and is a great example of Baroque architecture. The cathedral is definitely the top Murcia attraction that most people head to.

While it does cost money to go inside to look around the interior, you can wander around the outside to admire the building from the outside, taking in all the intricate details.

murcia cathedral exterior

If you step into the main doorway of the cathedral you can get a good glimpse of the amazing interior before you actually get as far as the ticket desk.

Wander Calle Trapería and Platería

Exploring the old town of a Spanish city is one of the best things to do for free. Murcia’s old town has lots of great narrow streets to explore, often ending at a bustling plaza or park.

To soak up the atmosphere of the city two of the best streets to wander down are Calle Trapería and Calle Platería, both flanked by historic buildings, pretty little shops, and lively cafes and bars.

Explore the Glorieta de España

The Plaza de la Glorieta, also called Paseo de la Glorieta or Glorieta de España is found behind the Town Hall next to the river.

Glorieta de Espana Murcia

The area is really pretty with brightly coloured flowers, fountains, palm trees, and statues. You can also find stalls here at certain times of year such as Christmas and Easter.

Unwind in Jardín de Floridablanca

Another of the best things to do in Murcia for free is to spend time in one of the beautiful parks. Jardín de Floridablanca is a beautiful park in the city centre, where you can relax away from the hustle and bustle. If you’re visiting Murcia with kids and they want to burn off steam they can enjoy the playgrounds in the park, and there are plenty of paths to take a stroll among the plants and fountains.

Discover the Real Casino de Murcia

You do have to pay to enter the Real Casino de Murcia and look around the main rooms, but you can of course see the stunning exterior for free and if you go through the main entrance, up the stairs and enter through the stained glass door you can see quite a bit of the beautiful inside such as the Moorish inspired tiles and glass ceiling for free.

It’s definitely worth popping in if you are passing by as it’s a really beautiful building inside and out.

murcia casino ceiling

Join a free tour of Murcia

If you want to learn more about Murcia from an expert local guide, you can book yourself onto a free tour of the city.

The Free Tour of 3 Cultures in Murcia teaches you all about the legacy of the different communities that previously coinhabited in the city – Muslims, Jews and Christians.

walk through Murcia

The tour takes 2 hours and starts at the Plaza del Cardenal Belluga – definitely one of the best free activities in Murcia.

Enjoy the Plaza Cardenal Belluga

The Plaza Cardenal Belluga next to the Cathedral of Murcia and the Episcopal Palace is a great place to take in the atmosphere and admire the architecture.

The plaza is surrounded by bars, restaurants and cafes, as well as often being home to street entertainers. If you do have some spare cash, the Valor Cafe in the plaza is a great place to get some churros y chocolate and watch the world go by.

Plaza Cardenal Belluga murcia

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Check out the Mercado de Verónicas

Indoor markets are always a favourite of ours when visiting a city as they’re always such interesting places to wander through. In Murcia you can explore the Mercado de Verónicas, a lively market in the city centre where you can discover lots of fresh local produce, regional specialties, and artisanal goods.

Mercado de Veronicas Murcia

This popular Murcia market is a great place to experience Murcia’s culinary and cultural heritage, even if you don’t buy anything it’s fun to look around and take in the busy atmosphere.

Visit the Santa Clara Monastery & Museum

This has to be one of the best things to do in Murcia for free! The Monastery of Santa Clara la Real is definitely worth a visit, especially as it’s free to enter for everyone. The Monastery dates back to the 14th century, occupying what used to be the old Alcázar Seguir of the 13th century.

Santa Clara Monastery & Museum murcia

It’s one of the most important historical buildings in Murcia, since it has remains of the Arab palace with pool, a Gothic cloister and choir, and a Baroque church. Part of the building is currently used as the Santa Clara Museum which contains a good section of Andalusian art and archaeology.

Santa Clara Monastery & Museum murcia gardens

Visit the Regional Archaeological Museum

The Regional Archaeological Museum of Murcia is free to enter, and is great fun for all ages to learn more about the region’s rich history and archaeological finds.

There are lots of fascinating exhibits showcasing artifacts from various periods, including the Roman era.

Walk the Bridge of Dangers

The Puente de los Peligros is the oldest bridge in Murcia, it was built in the 18th century to join the Carmen neighborhood with the historic center. It stretches across the River Segura and you can get some great views along the river.

Things to do in Murcia - River Segura views

This is also a good route into the Barrio del Carmen neighborhood which is another great place to explore.

Check out the Murcia Street Art in Barrio del Carmen

For kids and teens who like art and graffiti, you can take a self-guided tour through the Barrio del Carmen neighborhood in search of the large murals and street art.

This is the most populated area of Murcia city and is popularly known as El Barrio.

When visiting Murcia you can find lots of free attractions to keep you entertained, whatever you age or interests.

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