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9 things to pack when you move to Spain

Deciding what to sell and leave behind when you emigrate to Spain is really difficult. Many things will have sentimental value and be difficult to leave. Other things will have cost you a lot of money and you feel bad parting with them. So, how do you know get rid of, and what to pack when you move to Spain?

Many things you can get hold of easily and so there is no need to bring these items with you. Other things are a lot more expensive in Spain, so it’s a good idea to pay to include it in your removal costs.

Shipping belongings from the UK to Spain is going to take a big chunk out of your budget, so make sure what you’re taking with you is worth the expense by taking a look at this list…

Electrical appliances

If your current electrical items are in good condition then we’d recommend taking those to Spain with you. Anything electrical such as vaccuum cleaners, fridges, TVs, and washing machines are much more expensive in Spain, so it will probably work out cheaper to just bring them with you. You can get the plugs changed for a fairly low cost as well so don’t worry that they aren’t compatible. I’d even go as far as saying if you need a new kettle or toaster, head down to Argos and buy them before you leave!

Power adapters

Get on Amazon and buy a big pack of these before you leave. We totally under estimated how many we would need and they’re really expensive in Spain!


Nearly all Spanish houses have tiled floors which is nice in the summer but very cold on your feet in the winter. If you have rugs at home, it’s a good idea to take these with you as they’re pretty expensive in Spain. When rolled up these won’t add to much extra to your removal costs.


Of course you can buy bedding in Spain but you’ll need it as soon as you arrive, so unless you want to go shopping on your first day it’s a good idea to pack sheets, pillows and pillowcases in your suitcase. If you’re moving during the summer you won’t need a duvet so have plenty of time to buy those later on.


Something else that you’ll probably need quite quickly after you arrive in your new home. Cutlery isn’t expensive in Spain but as it doesn’t take up much room it’s definitely worth putting in any small spaces in your packing.


If your kids have lots of toys you’ll probably want to have a little bit of a cull, but don’t get rid of too much. Remember that a move abroad is a massive life change for children so taking some familiar things with them might really help them to feel settled in their new home.


Going for a cycle around your new town is a brilliant way to get to know the area. If you already have decent bikes it’s definitely worth taking them so that you can get out and explore when you arrive.

Over the counter medicines

Whilst you can get free healthcare in Spain, items you can easily buy in the chemist or supermarket in the UK are much more expensive. For example a pack of Ibuprofen is around €4 when you can get them for 35p in a UK supermarket. The equivalent of Calpol is around €9 and cream for mosquito bites cost us €11! Stock up on these before you leave and you’ll save yourself a bit of money.

Photocopies of important paperwork

You’ll need a lot of copies of passports, birth and marriage certificates, bank statements, etc, so make sure you make lots of photocopies and bring these to Spain with you. The Spanish always ask for photocopies of everything.

And what not to pack when you move to Spain

Winter clothes and boots – If you’re moving to the south of Spain you won’t need much in the way of winter clothes – ours are still in the vaccuum sealed bags almost 18 months later as it doesn’t really get cold enough to wear them!

Furniture – Unless you’re particularly attached to your furniture it isn’t really worth bringing it with you as it will probably cost more to ship it than to replace. It’s also worth considering if your style of furniture will suit a Spanish home.

Gadgets you don’t use – If you have blenders, sandwich toasters, or slow cookers at the back of the cupboard just chuck them out now. If you don’t use them in the UK you won’t use them in Spain!

Toiletries – These are all very easy to buy in Spanish supermarkets or drugstores so you don’t need to bring lots of toiletries with you apart from the essentials for the first few days.

Boxes of sentimental items – If you have a loft full of boxes of baby items, birthday cards, ornaments, and other things you never look at, is it really worth taking these with you just to put at the pack of a cupboard? Have a sort through and cut down on how much you really want to keep.

We hope this list helps you with deciding what to pack when you move to Spain. Be ruthless with getting rid of belongings to save money and have a fresh start in your new home!

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