Main entrance Carmen del Campillo, Casa Morisca Crevillente

Carmen del Campillo, Casa Morisca – The hidden Moroccan tea room in Crevillente

When you live in an area popular with travellers and tourists, it can be hard to find new places to visit that not many people have heard of before – but we found one!

The Alicante province is full of some amazing Moroccan and Moorish style architecture due to 5 centuries of Islamic rule from 718 until 1248. You can see plenty of examples of this in Alicante, in the narrow streets of the Santa Cruz barrio and in the iconic Santa Barbara castle.

To really feel like you’ve stepped back in time, or been whisked off to Morocco, you absolutely must visit the beautiful and well hidden authentic Tetería Árabe (Arab tea room) Carmen del Campillo in Crevillente.

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Crevillente is about half way between Torrevieja and Alicante city if you take the A7 motorway route – approx. 30 minutes from both directions. I’ve said the ‘hidden’ Moroccan tea room because it really isn’t very easy to find, definitely what you would call ‘off the beaten path’! In true Spanish style, and something we love about so many places around here, it hasn’t been set up as a big tourist attraction and isn’t signposted. It really does seem to be somewhere that you end up visiting through a recommendation.

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Before you leave make sure you stick the location (38°13’18.9″N 0°50’55.2″W) into Google Maps, otherwise you’ll probably find yourself driving up and down some very narrow country lanes! If you don’t have a car there are some companies who organise coach trips to Carmen del Campillo, but this is not somewhere you’ll be able to get do via public transport.

If you don’t have a car it can be very cheap out of peak season to rent a car from Alicante airport for a few days to cover a few places you’ve been waiting to visit!

The Moroccan tea room Carmen del Campillo is open daily (except Tuesdays) throughout the year from 4pm until 12am on weekdays and 2am on Fridays and Saturdays. I’d recommend checking the times before visiting as the winter hours are slightly different. There’s plenty of free parking outside so once you manage to find it, you don’t need to worry about where to park.

Entrance Carmen del Campillo, Casa Morisca Crevillente

It is suitable for children and they’re very welcome however I would say if your kids are very noisy maybe give this one a miss as part of the beauty of the place is how quiet and calm it is here, it isn’t the place for kids to run around and make lots of noise. With lots of cobbled pathways and narrow staircases inside it’s not really ideal for pushchairs or wheelchairs to explore either.

The cost to enter the house and gardens is 7€ which includes a drink, and you’ll be given a ticket to pay on your way out. You can spend a couple of hours just exploring so the cost of entry is well worth it which you’ll definitely agree with when you see how the money is spent keeping this place looking amazing.

My top tip for visiting this Casa Morisca (Moroccan house) in Crevilliente is to time it right – if you go at least an hour before the sun goes down you’ll get to see the tea room in day light and can explore the amazing gardens fully, and then you’ll get to see it all lit up with lanterns, candles and fairy lights once it gets dark.

As soon as you enter the grounds you’ll see arch ways, fountains, Arabic tiles, and seating areas. If you like to take photos this place is ideal! Straight away you’ll feel like you’re in an Arabian Nights story, especially with the Arabic music playing in the background.

Entry Carmen del Campillo, Casa Morisca Crevillente

You’ll come to a beautiful Arab archway decorated with tiles, vases and lanterns – this is where the magic really begins!

Carmen del Campillo, Casa Morisca Crevillente

Once you pass through into the gardens you can follow various pathways to discover hidden areas with fountains and pools as well as many tropical plants.

garden Carmen del Campillo, Casa Morisca Crevillente

Heading into the main building you’ll find a large seating area, and lots of smaller rooms to explore including a traditional kitchen area.

inside Carmen del Campillo, Casa Morisca Crevillente

Go down every little stair case and hallway you see as there are so many beautiful little corners full of more seating and you’re completely free to explore the whole building and sit where ever you like.

rooms Carmen del Campillo, Casa Morisca Crevillente

Every corner and room is full of traditional decor such as Moorish carpets and rugs, cushions, ornaments, lamps and more. I’ve never been to Morocco but this is exactly how I imagine the buildings to be inside.

lanterns Carmen del Campillo, Casa Morisca Crevillente

Take the staircase up to the roof area where you’ll have a great view over the gardens, and can also sit in the bedouin tent during the summer. Located out in the campo (countryside) near the mountains, Carmen del Campillo is a lovely tranquil place away from the noise and crowds in nearby towns.

rooftop Carmen del Campillo, Casa Morisca Crevillente

When you think you’ve seen everything, you’ll find another path or archway taking you to another building or little courtyard. Every single corner contains something worth seeing, from the windows and tiles, to the buildings themselves.

windows Carmen del Campillo, Casa Morisca Crevillente
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Keep your eyes open and you’ll probably also spot lots of cats around the garden, and if you’re lucky a peacock or two as well.

cat peacock Carmen del Campillo, Casa Morisca Crevillente

Before it gets dark sit and have a drink in one of the many seating areas inside or out, and enjoy the views of the gardens as the sun goes down and the lanterns and candles are lit. You can choose from lots of different non-alcoholic drinks including Arab teas and coffees, fruit juices, smoothies and milkshakes. They also serve some delicious sweet pastries which you have to try, plus different flavour shishas.

drinks Carmen del Campillo, Casa Morisca Crevillente

It’s worth having another wander around the gardens in the dark as the whole place looks magical with all the lights hanging from trees and lighting up the pathways.

night Carmen del Campillo, Casa Morisca Crevillente

Since it’s open until the early hours you can stay until late, enjoying a drink in one of the most peaceful and pretty settings you could find in Alicante.

We’ve visited this Casa Morisca twice now and will definitely visit again, it’s one of those places we always take our visitors. So, if you are looking for somewhere different to explore in the Alicante area, we highly recommend Carmen del Campillo!

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