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12 fun and unusual things to do in Alicante

Alicante on the Costa Blanca is well known for beautiful beaches, an interesting history, and during the summer months a lot of tourists! A popular city for holidays with both Spanish and international travellers, Alicante promises a really fun holiday for the whole family.

There are lots of great things to do in Alicante but if you want to do something a bit different during your stay, it’s possible to find plenty of unusual things to do in Alicante away from the tourist hotspots.

For both family holidays or weekend breaks as a couple, this seaside city has so much to offer. For ideas of fun and unusual things to do in Alicante as well as some hidden gems, read on to discover some activities that aren’t the usual museums, beaches, and parks…

Parasailing above Alicante

Anything on the sea is popular in Alicante, which isn’t surprising for a city on the coast. If a day on the beach isn’t exciting enough for you, how about taking to the skies to parasail along the coast and enjoy some of the best views of Alicante.

A great activity for a holiday with friends in Alicante, you can parasail with a group of up to 5 people under the guidance of an instructor. Combining parasailing with a boat trip is a fun activity to spend time on the water, listen to music and have a drink as you enjoy the Spanish sun.

Candlelight concert at MARQ

Candlelight Concerts by Fever promise an unforgettable evening, with live music tributes under candlelight in some of the most amazing venues in the world.

Candlelight concerts in Alicante are held in the beautiful museum of archaeology and history (MARQ) in the city centre. Tributes include ABBA, Queen, Coldplay, The Beatles and more.

A unique way to spend an evening in Alicante. If you’re looking for unusual things to do in Spain, these concerts are held in lots of other Spanish cities too.

candlelight concert alicante

Las Hogueras de San Juan

If you’re spending summer in Alicante, the bonfires (hogueras) of San Juan are a must-see. Celebrated from the night of June 23rd to 24th, thousands of people take to the streets of Alicante to celebrate the arrival of summer. This fire-worshipping festival involves music, gunpowder, entertainment, and midnight bonfires on the beach.

Beautiful and elaborate sculptures made of card, wood and paper mache (called ninots) are located around the city, only to be set on fire on the evening of the 24th June.

This is a fun activity in Alicante to experience some of the local traditions and culture.

hogueras alicante

Alicante Self Guided Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery Game

A fun activity to do when visiting Alicante with your family or as a couple, this ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Murder Mystery game is filled with brain teasers, puzzles, hilarious photo tasks & British humour.

You’ll take on the role of famous detective Sherlock Holmes and solve the murder of Balthazar on the streets of Alicante. The game is a ‘Do-it-yourself’ scavenger hunt with the instructions sent you via email.

A really fun and interactive way to explore Alicante.

Hike Mount Benacantil

Maybe you’re looking for a more adventurous activity in Alicante? That’s fine, Alicante isn’t just about sitting on the beach and eating tapas! If you enjoy nature and hiking why not hike up Mount Benacantil, home to the Castle of Santa Barbara with some stunning views over the coast and city.

Sitting 166 meters above the sea level, this is without a doubt the best place in Alicante for panoramic views of the city so don’t forget to take your camera!

There are several hiking routes to Mount Benacantil, the most interesting starts from the colourful Barrio Santa Cruz district of Alicante at the Water Museum, and passes through Ereta Park, running up the north side of the mountain.

Mount Benacantil

Catamaran Cruise to Tabarca Island

A day trip to Tabarca isn’t that unusual, but skipping the usual tourist boats and sailing there on a catamaran makes it a bit more unique!

You’ll get to admire stunning views of the coast on this 1.5 hour Tabarca Island boat trip from Alicante, where you’ll spend 3 hours exploring, swimming, snorkeling, and having a delicious lunch of paella before sailing back to Alicante.

The Alicante to Tabarca boat trip includes the boat ride, drink, fresh fruit, lunch and snorkeling equipment.

Escape Room Alicante

If you’re looking for things to do in Alicante with teens, an Escape Room can be a fun activity to try. There are several Escape Rooms in the city centre, one of the most popular is Coco Rooms Alicante.

They have different themed rooms from Cairo to Harry Potter, suitable for groups of 2-5 people, each taking around 75 minutes.

escape room

Paella and Sangría Cooking Workshop

Cool things to do in Alicante if you enjoy traditional Spanish food include this Paella and Sangría Cooking Workshop.

First you’ll head to Alicante Central Market to buy the best fresh ingredients, before learning how to make an authentic Alicante paella and sangría alongside a local chef. And of course you’ll get to enjoy your creations!

This Spanish cooking class takes around 3.5 hours, including the trip to the market and eating at the end.

Canelobre Caves

For fun things to do in Alicante with kids, how about some time exploring caves? The best caves near Alicante are the Canelobre Caves located approximately 25km from the city centre. If you don’t have a car you can get a tram and then a taxi to the caves.

With an estimated area of at least 18,950 m², this is one of the largest and most popular caves in the Valencian Community and well worth a visit.

The Canelobre Caves are also the highest caves in Spain. On arrival a 45 meter tunnel takes you into the Vault cavern. These caves go back 7 million years and are the result of millions of years of the water on the limestone rock.

On a trip around the caves you will learn about their history, their importance in the civil war, and spot some strange shaped stalagmites.

A good summer activity in Alicante, the temperature inside the cave is a constant 17ºc so a lovely break from the hot summer temperatures.

canelobre caves alicante

Guided Tapas Tour by Bike

Don’t just settle for a tapas tour in Alicante, do it by bike to make things more interesting!

On this Alicante bike tour you’ll cycle past famous attractions like the Gothic Church and the Castle of Santa Barbara, as well as making stops along the way to try out local tapas and wine.

The tour takes 3 hours – plenty of time to discover the hidden corners of Alicante and try some delicious local food.

Cookie Making Class

For fun activities in Alicante check out some of the local businesses to see what events they are holding. El Cookie in Alicante holds various cookie making and decorating classes during the year at their cafe in the Old Town.

Their mission is to bring people together to foster a sense of community through cookies!

A great way to spend some time if you enjoy baking and want to meet new people.


Alicante Beer Spa Experience with Tastings and Snacks

Last on our list of weird but fun things to do in Alicante…beer and snacks in a spa!

For a very unique experience in Alicante, you can enjoy a day of relaxation with a hot beer bath in a Jacuzzi while tasting cold beer and traditional snacks. After your bath you’ll head to the beer Sauna, before relaxing on a soothing, barely bed wrapped in a towel.

Definitely a different way to spend some time in Alicante and ideal for a birthday or anniversary celebration.

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If you have plans to visit the Costa Blanca, which of these unusual Alicante activities will you be trying first?

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