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Best cities for Digital Nomads in Spain

With the cost of living rising in the UK, as well as being named the second most miserable country in the world, many Brits are looking into moving abroad for a happier and sunnier life in Spain. If this is you, maybe you’re wondering which are the best cities for digital nomads in Spain.

Of course, Brits aren’t the only nationality moving to Spain, but they do have one of the most strict visa processes now unlike the rest of Europe.

Expats from America and Australia also have to obtain a visa to live in Spain, with the Digital Nomad Visa becoming more popular since you can work and don’t need a large amount of savings in the bank unlike the Non-Lucrative Visa.

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Is Spain good for digital nomads?

A Digital Nomad Visa basically means that you can live in Spain while working remotely. This is great for those who own their own online business, work as freelancers, or have bosses who will let them work from anywhere in the world.

Being a digital nomad in Spain lets you do the work you love while living an amazing life in the sun. In fact, Spain was named as the best country for digital nomads in 2024.

As remote working becomes the norm, there are some cities in Spain that are very popular among digital nomads for various reasons. Where to live as a digital nomad isn’t an easy choice and requires a lot of research.

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The best cities for digital nomads in Spain

If you’re planning on living in Spain under the DNV, here are some of the best cities for digital nomads in Spain…


First up on our list is the digital nomad location of Barcelona. The amazing city of Barcelona is one of the best cities for digital nomads looking for a cosmopolitan atmosphere and great connections to the rest of Spain and Europe.

Barcelona has a well-developed coworking scene with lots of spaces designed specifically for remote workers. There’s also a reliable high-speed internet infrastructure with free WiFi available in many cafes and public spaces, so you can sit out in the open and work in the sun.

An ariel city view of Barcelona, one of the best places in Spain for digital nomads.

As you’d expect from a large city, many events, meetups and conferences are held in Barcelona, ideal for digital nomads wanting to network and connect with others.

Public transport in Barcelona is also excellent, so you can live in one of the more affordable neighbourhoods but still get into the city centre quickly and cheaply.

Barcelona has the perfect mix of history and modernity, with incredible architecture, a great art scene, and a busy night life. It’s easy to feel creative and inspired in such a unique and arty city!

Plus with its beautiful beaches and green spaces, there’s plenty of places in Barcelona to unwind, socialise and create an ideal work-life balance for digital nomads.


As the capital of Spain, Madrid offers a bustling city life along with excellent infrastructure and coworking spaces and is one of the best cities in Europe for digital nomads.

There’s a thriving start-up community in Madrid with lots of networking events and meetups, perfect for digital nomads wanting to connect with likeminded people.

A skyline view of Madrid, a popular location for digital nomads

If you have to travel around a lot for work, Madrid has excellent links by plane and train to the rest of Spain and Europe, making it very easy to visit clients elsewhere.

Madrid also boasts a vibrant nightlife, many art galleries and museums, and lots of green spaces to unwind, enjoy the Spanish culture, and make new friends.


Valencia is well known for its affordable cost of living, especially compared to some other major European cities, so it’s become a popular destination for digital nomads wanting a cheaper alternative to places like Barcelona and Madrid. It’s also a very family-friendly city and is one of the best places for digital nomad families in Spain.

There’s lots of co-working spaces in Valencia and plenty of cafes and libraries with free WiFi for those wanting to get out of the house to work remotely. There’s also a thriving tech startup scene in Valencia as well as many cultural events held throughout the year, making it an attractive destination for digital nomads.

A Valencia city view, a popular choice for digital nomad families in Spain

Life in Valencia is much more laid-back, with less crowds than many Spanish cities, and well known for a high quality of life. It’s also one of the safer cities in Spain, so if you’re moving to Spain alone you’ll feel secure in Valencia.

The mix of beach and city life, and a mild Mediterranean climate all year round means you can create a great balance between working and relaxing if you move to Valencia.


The sundrenched Costa del Sol city of Malaga offers a pleasant climate all year round, beautiful sandy beaches, and a relaxed lifestyle. The city has a budding digital nomad community with workers of various nationalities, plus excellent co-working spaces and WiFi infrastructure.

A cityscape view of Malaga, one of the best cities in Spain for digital nomads

One of the best cities in Spain for digital nomads, Malaga has a lower cost of living than many other Spanish cities, making it an affordable choice for digital nomads to base themselves. It’s also where Google and Vodafone call home in Spain, so plenty of opportunities for finding remote jobs with large global companies.

Malaga is well positioned for links to other destinations along the coast, and with beautiful beaches, mountains, and hiking trails it’s the perfect location for remote workers who also enjoy being outdoors in their free time.


Alicante is an up and coming city for digital nomads, with lots of regular networking events and meetups. Alicante’s Digital District is home to many global tech companies so if you’re looking to work remotely in this industry it’s the ideal location.

Popular for its relatively low cost of living, Alicante also has excellent links within Europe, and plenty of coworking spaces around the city.

A panoramic view of Alicante city and sea

Public transport links in Alicante are reliable and cheap, with trains, buses and trams taking you to the outskirts if you want to live in a quieter and more affordable neighbourhood away from the city centre.

Named the sunniest city in Europe and home to some of the best beaches in Spain, Alicante is an ideal location for digital nomads who want beautiful surroundings with plenty of things to do when they finish work. Definitely one of the best beach towns for digital nomads in Spain.

Palma de Mallorca

Heading over to the Balearics, Mallorca’s capital Palma combines stunning natural landscapes with a cosmopolitan environment. If you don’t need to be near the bigger cities in mainland Spain, Palma is a beautiful destination for those looking for a quieter environment to work in.

A view of Palma de Mallorca with cathedral in the background

Palma has a good high-speed internet infrastructure, excellent transport links, and a growing community of digital nomads. It’s easy to see why Palma is one of the best places in Spain for digital nomads.

As well as a peaceful and tranquil setting with beautiful beaches, historical sites, and a vibrant food scene, Palma also offers a wide range of outdoor activities allowing for a healthy work life balance in the sun.


Granada is best known for its rich history, picturesque surroundings, and a lower cost of living compared to bigger cities. With iconic landmarks like Alhambra, Granada offers a unique blend of cultural heritage and has a real bohemian vibe, making it the ideal destination for digital nomads who want to be surrounded by culture.

There are plenty of coworking spaces in Granada, as well as lots of public spaces with free WiFi including libraries and cafes, making it one of the best places to work in Spain.

view over Granada city with mountains in the background

For those who want a more comfortable climate to work in, Granada has much milder weather than some of the Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca locations, making it much easier to work during the summer months.

Granada has a very relaxed atmosphere, friendly locals, and a growing coworking scene for digital nomads wanting to network with other remote workers.


Popular with digital nomads in Spain, Seville provides a charming and traditional Spanish experience with its historic architecture, lively festivals, and warm climate. It’s a welcoming city so remote workers won’t struggle to network and find their ‘tribe’ when working in Seville.

view over Seville city with cathedral in the background

Seville offers a laid-back lifestyle and a growing startup community, with many beautifully designed coworking spaces for remote workers wanting to network in the city.

There is also a more affordable cost of living in Seville compared to many other European cities, making it a budget-friendly choice for digital nomads.

These Spanish cities offer a great mix of cultural experiences, affordable living costs, good infrastructure, and a thriving community of digital nomads, making them attractive destinations for remote work.

If you’re thinking of moving abroad and are searching for the best cities for digital nomads in Spain, which one is top of your list?

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