How to celebrate the holidays away from family

How to celebrate the holidays away from family

Spending the holidays away from family is something you might have to get used to if you move abroad. If you’ve moved from the UK to Spain, it’s not a huge distance to travel back to see loved ones, but the cost and time off work/school can sometimes be too much to allow you to travel back regularly. (Not to mention the fact that this year, none of us can travel anywhere at all!)

So, if you’re not seeing your loved ones this Christmas, here are some ways to celebrate the holidays away from family…

Start some new traditions

If it’s your first Christmas in Spain, it’s a great time to start some new family Christmas traditions. Do some research into Spanish Christmas traditions and see which ones take your fancy.

You could have a different kind of Christmas dinner this year with some traditional Spanish holiday food, or celebrate Three Kings rather than Santa and Christmas Day – or maybe a mix of the two!

Virtual Secret Santa

Why not get your family and friends together virtually to do a Secret Santa gift exchange. You can use an online generator to pick out the names, and use an online store like Amazon to buy, wrap and deliver your gifts. Choose a budget and/or a theme, and set a Zoom or Skype date for everyone to open their presents together.

Christmas baking

Do you have a family recipe for Christmas cake or cookies? Or maybe making gingerbread houses reminds you of family Christmases? Whatever kind of baking makes you feel festive, make some time to do it with the kids to help everyone get in the Christmas spirit. You could even try a ‘Virtual Bake Off’ with family and friends.

Zoom Christmas quiz

It’s not Christmas if you don’t break out the family games, but being far away obviously makes this a bit difficult. Why not try an online family quiz via Zoom instead. You could use a ready made quiz sheet using some online Christmas trivia or make your own quiz sheet and email it out to everyone in advance.

Spend time with friends

Remember that you’re not the only ones living far away from family, you’re bound to have lots of fellow expat friends nearby who will also be on their own over the festive period. Arrange some drinks or a party for the kids so that you still get to celebrate with other people over the holidays.

Plan for next year

And of course you can start planning early for next Christmas! Get family and friends to commit to spending time together next year and start saving for your flights!

If you’re going to celebrate the holidays away from family this year, we hope you have a lovely time and enjoy your Christmas and New Year!

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