when can tourists visit Spain again?

When can tourists visit Spain again?

If you don’t live in Spain but are longing to visit, whether for a holiday, to see family, or to scout the area for a potential move, you’re probably wondering when you’ll be allowed to visit Spain again.

With lockdown restrictions easing in both the UK and Spain over the next few months, hopefully visiting Spain will be possible again soon, but at the moment the restrictions on both sides are still quite strict.

We’ve put together some information on the current travel restrictions, what changes are planned, and when can tourists visit Spain again…

(Please note this information is correct as of 15th March 2021. We advise you to always check government websites for up to date travel information.)

Can I travel from the UK to Spain at the moment?

From from 22nd December to 30th March there is a ban on all non-essential travel from the UK to Spain. At the moment you can only travel to Spain if you’re a Spanish national or official resident. If you are not a Spanish citizen but are a resident in Spain, you must show your green residencia card or TIE card along with your passport. Many travellers without these documents are being turned away at airports and ports even if they have lived in Spain for years.

UK travel restrictions

Since the 6th January, it hasn’t been possible to leave the UK for international travel apart for exceptional circumstances. Travellers returning to the UK from Spain must quarantine for 10 days on arrival.

On 8th March the UK government also introduced a ‘Declaration to Travel’ form, which is compulsory for all British travellers. It must be filled in before leaving the UK, stating your essential reasons for travel, and there are fines upwards of £200 if you fail to fill it in.

On the current ‘road map’ issued by the UK government, international travel won’t be allowed until at least 17th May.

Spanish travel restrictions

All travellers arriving in Spanish airports and ports from ‘risk’ countries (which the UK is currently considered) must present a negative PCR test, taken within the previous 72 hours. You are also required to fill in a ‘Health Control Form’ 48 hours before arrival, to prove your negative PCR test results.

When you arrive in Spain, you also need to undergo a visual health check and temperature check. Anyone who fails either of these tests, will have to take a Covid test and isolate until the results are available.

Changes to travel restrictions in Spain

So with all these travel restrictions, when can tourists visit Spain again?

As well as talks about the EU introducing a vaccine passport, Spain’s Tourism Minister Fernando Valdés has spoken about introducing a ‘green corridor’ for vaccinated British travellers. The Spanish Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, has announced that the Spanish government is also looking into implementing its own vaccine passport system, with the aim of welcoming UK travellers by 19th May.

As you can see, at present there is still some uncertainty around when tourists will be allowed to travel to Spain again, but from current talks both in the UK and within Spain, it looks like it might be possible by May.

Fingers crossed!

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