Is it worth visiting Spain in the Winter?

Is it worth visiting Spain in the Winter?

Typically most people will come on holiday to Spain during the summer months, to take advantage of the weather and also to get away during the school summer holidays. But, if you don’t want to stick to the school holidays, is it worth visiting Spain in the Winter?


Spain is an amazing destination all year round and the Winter months are a great time to visit.

Here are a few reasons why it is definitely worth planning a holiday to Spain during the Winter…

Winter weather in Spain is great!

While it’s nowhere near as hot as the summer months when the Costas regularly hit 40°c, the winter in Spain can still be warmer than summer in the UK or other European countries.

Obviously it depends what part of Spain you visit, you can get snow in some parts of Spain, and much cooler temperatures in Madrid and the North where it probably won’t be any warmer than back home. But if you pick somewhere like the Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol or one of the Canary Islands you can be lucky enough to get some very warm days. In fact, Tenerife is actually the hottest place in Europe in December!

Guardamar beach in December
December 27th on the beach!

We live near Alicante and as an example, the average temperature on the Costa Blanca in December is 17°c, while the highest recorded December temperature in recent years is 26°c. You can be sure to find yourself sat in t-shirts and shorts in the middle of the day, but will need to cover up at night or when in the shade. We have even had Christmas dinner outside a couple of times!

On the whole, the weather is much better for exploring and walking around during the Winter so you can get out and see more of Spain without worrying about burning or getting heatstroke.

Winter in Spain means less crowds

As you’d expect, Summer can be absolutely crazy in the more touristy areas, with difficultly finding space on the beach, places to park, and long queues at both restaurants and attractions.

Out of season you will find it so much quieter as the Spanish will rarely spend the day on the beach in the Winter, instead it will be mostly expats and holiday makers which there are fewer of at this time of year.

Is it worth visiting Spain in the Winter?
December and plenty of space on the beach!

Parking is easier, you don’t usually need to book a table for dinner, and as well as less crowds attractions often offer cheaper tickets.

It’s cheaper to travel to Spain in the Winter

During the school holidays it’s no surprise that the price of flights to Spain, hotel bookings, and the cost of car hire go through the roof! If we are planning a trip in Spain we always book outside of the UK school holidays as you can then get some really good deals.

We had a lovely Christmas trip to Lorca in 2022, and also a nice pre-Christmas day at the Melia Villaitana in Benidorm in 2021 with some very good deals.

Is it worth visiting Spain in the Winter?
December at the Melia Villaitana in Benidorm

When you spend less on travel and accommodation you can enjoy a longer holiday and do more when you are here. Search FlightsImage

Winter still has plenty of festivals and celebrations

If you think that fiestas are only a summer event in Spain, you’d be wrong!

Christmas and New Year is a time for a lot of big celebrations in Spain, with Three Kings in January the biggest of all of them. If you time it right and are in a location with more non-Spanish communities then you can be lucky enough to celebrate Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Three Kings in the space of a couple of weeks.

Is it worth visiting Spain in the Winter?
Christmas celebrations in Spain

If you plan to visit Spain in February then you’ll be able to take part in Carnaval season with lots of parades, music, dancing, fireworks and more.

You can still see snow in Spain

If you’re worried that you might miss the cooler Winter weather and the chance of snow, then don’t panic as you can still see plenty of snow in Spain.

Head inland away from the coast and there are quite a few places that experience heavy snowfall where you can play in the snow or ski, ideal for a Spanish Winter holiday.

Is it worth visiting Spain in the Winter?
Snow in Sierra Nevada, Spain

Spain is probably one of the only countries where you could be in t-shirt and shorts on the coast and in ski wear further inland on the same day!


So, there you have it, 5 good reasons why it is worth visiting Spain in Winter! Are you going to book some Winter sun?

Ready to book your Spanish holiday?

If you’re ready to book your holiday to Spain, these links may help…

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