There are many ways you’ll find yourself adapting to life in Spain, and when you move with a family in tow there will be a lot of changes when it comes to school and kids in general.

Most of these are positive changes, I can’t think of anything negative, some will just take a bit of getting used to!

Following on from our recent post ‘You know you’re an expat in Spain when’… I thought I’d do a similar one about the differences between being a mum in the UK and and an expat mum in Spain…

  1. You usually introduce yourself to other school mums as “la mamá de…” (the mum of) instead of using your name
  2. Other school mums are saved in your phone as ‘Alba Mamá’, ‘Victoria Mamá’, ‘Manuel Mamá’ etc
  3. You find yourself constantly pasting conversations from the class WhatsApp into Google Translate
  4. You give money and no cards for birthday presents for school friends
  5. You know never to turn up at a birthday party earlier than 30 minutes after the start time on the invite
  6. Google Translate is your best friend when it comes to helping with homework
  7. You’ve got used to songs with explicit lyrics being blasted in public or on the radio
  8. You don’t miss the endless dress up days and bake sales from school in the UK
  9. You love not having to get a school uniform ready anymore
  10. 6 weeks summer holiday seems so short!
  11. You no longer find it strange going out after 10pm with kids in tow
  12. You don’t bat an eye lid at kids drinking fizzy drinks at birthday parties or in bars
  13. Or at the parents drinking alcohol late into the evening while the kids amuse themselves
  14. Your children’s level of Spanish is way better than your own
  15. You have lots of after-school plans because they finish earlier and the weather is always nice!
  16. You wonder how you managed to amused the kids for so long without a pool
  17. You get used to friends moving back ‘home’

If you’re an expat mum in Spain, what differences have you noticed? And which ones do you prefer?